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What is Aero Sports Connection and what do we do?

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Aero Sports Connection (ASC) demonstrates its unwavering support for the ultralight community through a range of initiatives. ASC is entirely volunteer-based, with no salaries involved, underscoring its commitment to the cause. In 2005, ASC took a proactive step by reducing its membership fee by $10, making it more accessible to enthusiasts.

As a tax-exempt non-profit organization, ASC focuses on offering cost-effective programs and benefits. For instance, ASC Pilot Ratings and “detailed ratings” are available for a one-time fee, ensuring they don't expire. These ratings are conveniently listed on your ASC card, eliminating the need for internet access.

ASC also distinguishes itself by not requiring per-student fees, thereby promoting cost-efficiency for members. Moreover, ASC offers flexibility when it comes to insurance, making it a choice rather than a requirement. They can provide guidance if you decide insurance is necessary.

ASC understands the importance of liability waivers and offers a sample liability waiver. They recognize that different states have varying forms of landowner liability exemption for recreational use.

In adhering to FAA requirements, ASC maintains an efficient and cost-effective Peer Review process. This process ensures compliance and includes a procedure to rescind authority when needed.

Furthermore, ASC has a long-standing history of tandem exemptions since 1994, often having the most instructors ever “under exemption.” Membership in ASC also includes access to Aero Connections Magazine, which fosters community engagement.

Overall, ASC's initiatives and programs are designed to provide comprehensive support to the ultralight community, ensuring that members have the necessary resources for their aviation pursuits.

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