The new ASC Exemption 9785G has been reeleased.  Copies have been emailed to all current instructors. If  you did not get the email, you may be expired or dropped for unusable email address.

New Exemption 9785G good til 11/30/24.

Dear ASC Tandem Instructor,
Here is your copy of the new Exemption 9785G, now valid until Nov 30, 2024.
Important notes:
A copy of this G version must replace the F version that you have been carrying.
The "G" version must be in the craft when you fly tandem.
This exemption is not valid unless it is accompanied by a current ASC Authorization page.
The authorization page is only valid if your membership is current.

If you have a friend that is not current, they did not get this email.
Tell them to go to to renew both membership and Authorization.

If you need a fresh copy, you can download from the website.
Questions 269-209-1466

Jim Stephenson
Aero Sports Connection, Inc