Pilot Reg




A minimum of 10 hours total instruction, 3 hours supervised solo, 25 takeoffs and landings.

If you hold an FAA pilot certificate: A minimum of 1 hour flight instruction and an Instructor  endorsement from an ASC, EAA or USUA ultralight instructor. Must be 16 years old to solo.  

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Applicants Name (printed)                                                Phone Day                                  Phone Evening


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Address                                                                            Date of Birth (mm/dd/yr)


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City, State Zip                                                                      ASC Membership # or FAA Certificate #                                         

____________________________________________________________________________________  To be filled out completely by Instructor:
  Written test passed* ______,    Oral test passed _______,    Flt test passed __, I have examined the application and recommend that the applicant be registered as an ultralight pilot.  

*    Written test not required for holders of an FAA pilot certificate or an EAA, USUA, USHGA pilot registration.      

        Attach copy of certificate or registration when returning application.



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Instructor’s Name (printed)                                        Phone Day                                               Phone Evening


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Address                                                                         Organization  and Number


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City, State Zip                                                                 Instructor’s Signature **                         Date

** ASC accepts instructor endorsements from EAA, and USUA ultralight instructors.


  Registration fee to send with this form:  $25.00 RETURN FORM TO:  


  Aero Sports Connection   231 SW Bonanza Glen, Lake City, FL 32025