ELSA Kit Built



Steps to Get an Airworthiness Inspection For an ELSA Kit Built  



A. Forms you need from the Manufacturer as part of your purchase of this kit.
  1. The pink slip from form 8050-1 transfer of ownership to you. 
  2. A copy of form 8050-2 Bill of Sale showing your purchase of the kit.  
  3.  Form 8130-15 Statement of Compliance specifically for this serial number aircraft.
  4. Wing rigging procedure and signoff space.
  5. A copy of the flight test page showing the planned flight test.
  6.  A copy of the aircraft drawing.
  7. A copy of the Weight and Loading chart
  8. An Aircraft Operating Instructions Manual (This has the Flight Training Supplement)
  9. An Aircraft Maintenance Manual. 
B. Forms you will have to fill out.     
  1.  Application for Airworthiness.     
  2.  A program letter.
  3. The wing rigging procedure must be completed and signed by you. 

C.  Contact a DAR near you and arrange an inspection.


  It is the Purchaser/Owner’s responsibility to have this aircraft inspected by a DAR [Designated Airworthiness Inspector] and receive an Airworthiness Certificate before the aircraft is flown.


The DAR will want to see copies of the following forms to prepare for the inspection


  1. 8130-6 Application for Airworthiness
  2. 8130-15 Statement of compliance from manufacturer.     
  3.  Program letter.
  4.  If your own registration card 8050-3 has not arrived by the time of the inspection, the DAR will be able to inspect the aircraft using the pink page of the 8050-1 transfer.  You will also be able to fly after inspection is complete by having the pink page of the 8050-1, but only for 120 days after the date it was signed. 

D.      When the inspection is complete, you will have the following to carry in the aircraft:


  1. Certificate of Airworthiness, 8130-7 (Completed by DAR). This must be visible in a plastic holder.
  2.  Registration Card, 8050-3, (Or the pink page of the 8050-1 within 120 days of its signoff date.)
  3. Operating Limitations specific for your aircraft and prepared by the DAR.
  4.  Weight and Loading information which is copied from your Aircraft Operating Instructions and the Aircraft Operating Instructions.

Marking the plane

Here is a sample of a powered parachute marking  http://www.sportpilot.info/sp/Marking3.htm

Here is a sample of a fixed wing marking http://www.sportpilot.info/sp/FW/Marking4.htm